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Unwound Body
"There is more to life than increasing its speed." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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Certified Massage Therapist in Stockton, CA

I come from a corporate background. You know, the 9 to 5 grinds. Except I tend to be a workaholic and expected perfection out of myself, so 9 to 5 was never enough. I started experiencing several health problems both physical and psychological. Suddenly I was no longer able to keep up with my work and I could no longer stay on top of my game. I no longer had energy for doing anything I loved. I was always laughing because that's just what I do, but I really was not able to find joy in much because it just took too much energy.
Certfied Massage Therapist Chrissy Davis - Massage Therapy in Stockton, CA
Certified Massage Therapist Chrissy Davis
I was advised by doctors that there was a 95% chance I'd experienced a heart attack and underwent a series of tests, including surgery (only to find out I did not have a heart attack). I also was being tested for narcolepsy because I started falling asleep in weird random places, including while driving. I was near total exhaustion and literally had joined the land of the walking dead. To sum it up, the only resolution doctors could come up with was take more meds. Take a pill for this, a pill for that and oh yeah try not to worry about all these nasty side effects.

Certfied Massage Therapist Chrissy Davis - Massage Therapy in Stockton, CA
I wanted answers/solutions, not Band-Aids. I began to look to Eastern medicine for help. I started seeing Dr. John Robert Nieters, doctor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Alameda. He told me I had burned my candle at both ends for so long, there was no candle left. Stress was literally killing me. Along with his treatment, doing Qigong and making other lifestyle changes, I began to get better. I came back to the land of the living. And what a wonderful land it is.

I have always had a love for bodywork and reflexology. I dove into learning all I could about the healing benefits of massage not only for physical problems but emotional problems as well. Now in my role as a massage therapist, I no longer consider myself a workaholic. I make a point to never overbook myself. That is a part of my continuing self-care (I have to practice what I preach). The other reason is so that each and every client that comes to my table, gets my full undivided attention. When my clients are with me, it really is all about them and their healing journey.

My clients are never rushed out or short-changed. I get the honor of showing others how to take care of themselves and simply breathe. I consider my room a safe haven away from the madness of the world and even if just for a short time, there is relief for every client.