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"There is more to life than increasing its speed." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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Restorative Services in Stockton, CA

Woman having a relaxing back massage - Massage Therapy in Stockton, CA
Woman having a relaxing head massage - Massage Therapy in Stockton, CA
Woman having a relaxing foot massage - Massage Therapy in Stockton, CA

Restorative Menu

  • Tranquility – $75.00 for a 60-minute full body massage
  • Metamorphosis – $85.00 75 minute full body massage
  • Nirvana – $100.00 90 minute full body massage
All sessions are custom to each client's individual needs or requests. The industry standard of a 45 – 60 min massage seems to fall just short of the mark for a completely optimal effective massage or de-stressing treatment. This is why I tend to lean towards longer more customized sessions unless it is for a specific area such as a Reflexology treatment.

A variety of techniques are offered. Some are as follows:

  • Traditional Swedish
  • Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Pre-natal
  • Aromatherapy

Special Services:


Euphoric Energizer

$55.00 – A 40-minute Reflexology treatment that includes an invigorating organic sugar scrub and silky body butter soufflé from the tops of your knees to the tips of your toes. Also includes an extra dose of attention and euphoria for your hands. Excellent for stress relief, improved circulation, increased energy and just pure bliss.

Hot Stone Journey

$105.00 – 75 Minutes – Let me get you stoned. I will take you on a journey from the stone age to the new age with the use of smooth basalt river stones bathed in warm water and anointed with aromatherapy oils chosen specifically for your needs. The heated stones become tools applied to specific pressure points to soothe muscles and the nervous system. This nurturing full body massage is an unparalleled experience.

Serenity - CranioSacral Package

$135.00 – 105 minutes – Unwind yourself with the best of both worlds. This is an experience in ultimate serenity that includes a full hour of CranioSacral Therapy followed by a 40-minute massage. Good for relaxing the central nervous system and helping bring the body back to balance and harmony. Promotes deep relaxation and stress relief. Also beneficial for indivuals experiencing PTSD.



$105.00 – 90 minutes – Bring harmony to mind, body and spirit with 60 minutes of craniosacral therapy followed by a 30-minute reflexology treatment. Craniosacral work relaxes the central nervous system, restores balance to entire body and stimulates healing. Reflexology promotes relaxation and can increase overall energy flows. Both modalities can provide relief from stress, headaches and provide deep relaxation for body and mind.


$155.00 - Enlighten yourself while you feel your mind and body unwind with a full 2 hours of bliss. To start your journey, you will receive an organic butter scrub on your feet. This is followed by creamy, indulgent and nourishing body butter. Then be wrapped in rapture with a traditional full body Swedish Massage that includes Craniosacral and Reflexology work.

The scrubs and butter soufflés can change with the seasons. Currently I am using Milk and Honey, Luxurious Lavender, Coconut Creme, Pomegranate Spice and Peppermint Hope. Any choice is sure to bring you bliss.

Scrumptious Scrub

$100.00 – Let us invigorate and exfoliate your skin with an organic sugar scrub. This is followed by a deliciously creamy body butter we massage into your skin, leaving you silky and smooth. Seasonal scents to choose from. Life is short. Pamper thyself!

Law Of Karma Special

As a token of our appreciation to those who keep the city safe, we offer law enforcement officers the chance to rejuvenate and restore both body and mind with a discounted rate $10.00 off any treatment of your choosing. Reduce unwanted pain and anxiety today!